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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Call Recorder v1.0 Windows Phone

Requirements: Unlocked WP7.5
Overview: Call Recorder is a little tool that you can record phone calls and play it back.

With Call Recorder you can:
- Record any phone calls.
- Play the recording back.
- Add a name/number whom you talked with to the recording.
- Mark a call recording as important with a star.
- Upload recording to Skydrive for transfer.
- And most importantly the app is FREE!

Steps to record a call:
1. Make a phone call or answer the call.
2. Tell the other parth that "You are going to record the call."
3. TURN ON the speaker for best quality.
3. Tap the Windows key. It returns to the start menu.
4. Open the "Call Recorder".
5. Tap the microphone icon to start recording. (Icon turns into red to indicate it is recording)
6. Once the call is over, Tap the microphone icon again.
7. You can play it back from playback page.

This is just a first version of the app, please be easy with comments

Promise for future releases:
- Improve sound quality for non-speaker calls.