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Friday, 27 May 2011

Free BSNL Dial Up internet in Gujarat

Hello dear friends,

Today I am going to reveal the trick to use free dial up internet connection in whole Gujarat. But it is only for that user who are having only incoming (Sulabh Incoming Plan) and Outgoing on BSNL Numbers only (Lo Kar Lo Baat Plan).

Having above 2 plans means every month your bill is fixed to regular rent only.

Now Trick starts.

Step 1:
Create a dial up connection having dial number (02832172222), here 02832 is code of Bhuj and 172222 in Dialup service number. You can try the code of any city, i tried many codes and this worked for me. I am using this trick from last 6 months, and there is no increment in bill and no increase in meter reading.

Use your landline number as User name and "password" as password.

Step 2:
Now connect internet using this connection..

You have done, now just enjoy free surfing. Download is very slow because it is a dial up connection.