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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Increase Internal Memory - CyanogenMod (Move Apps and data to sd-ext partiotn)

It is very common to have very low internal memory for android users with older device. This tutorial will help you to increase your internal memory on your device.
Please read this if you are using cyanogenmod rom.
If you are not using cyanogenmod than this is now for you. Click here if you are not using cyanogenmod rom.

Pre requisite -
1. Rooted device
2. Cyanogenmod Rom
3. Simple2ext. Download Here

Below are some screenshot of my Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360 with 200mb internal memory, I have installed applications that needed atleast 400mb internal memory to install.

Follow the below steps to install s2e.apk.

1. Backup all data on sd card as we will format it during the process.
2. after backup, switch of your device and enter to cwm recovery by pressing Volume up + Home + Power buttons.
3. go to advance and select partition sd card, than select swap size maximum and sd-ext partition size as your preference I selected 2 gb as I want 2 gb internal memory.
4. after partition done, you can copy back your files to sd card which you have taken back up. and also copy s2e.apk file also.
5. install s2e.apk and open it, it will ask for root access. Grant root access to it.
6. Check all tick available in application and reboot your device.

When your device reboot all application from internal transferred to sd-ext partition. Have fun.