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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How to Hack Nokia Phones

Good Morning my dear readers,

Today I am here to explain you how to hack nokia phones to gain full access to System Files.

You can do after hacking:
1. Install patches
2. Get full access to System Files.
3. Install any Software unsigned.

Step 1:-
Goto the link and Register your mobile and get your OWN signing Certificates (Most IMP Step)
Follow the link to register:-Register Here

Step 2:-
First of all Download the files Needed. Link given below.
Download Files :- Downlaod

Step 3:-
Now install FreeSigner in your mobile provided in zip file in step 2. and then goto the settings in freesigner and select your certificate and key which you downloaded from the Step1.

Step 4:-
Now sign the HelloOX2 provided in Zip package using Freesigner with your Certificate and Key. And install it in your phone.

Step 5:-
Now after installing HelloOX2 open it and hack your phone.. it will install Rompatcher and MODO to your device. Now goto to Rompatcher and Apply Patches...

Your Phone is Now HaCked.. Njoy..

If any doubt follow the instructions in Video..

Watch Video

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