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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Multiple Whatsapp account on single android device

Today I will show you how you can use multiple whatsapp account on a single android device. Before this post I had posted Use 2 Simultaneous Whatsapp on single android device but now this trick no longer can be used as whatsapp updated it app version and blocked the use of OGWhatsapp.
So I will show you new trick to use multiple whatsapp account on one android device. Yes, you can use as many whatsapp account you want to use all you need is a Rooted android device and below mentioned files.

You can see this latest trick to use two different whatsapp on single device.

1. Rooted android device. ( Click here if your device is not rooted )
2. Titanium bacukp pro. Click here to download
3. whatsapp installed on you device. click here ti download

You can proceed if you have above 3 things done.

1. Open Titanium Backup Application
and give root access permission when asked. and then click on -tap to switch profile-
 2. After this small window will open, click on "create a new data profile".

3. Create 2 new data profile. Give whatever name you want to. And after that select first data profile.
4. After seleting the profile click on backup / restore on top. and locate whatsapp.
5. Tap on whatsapp to open settings and swipe right to special feature.

6. Now scroll down to the storage section, here you fine "Enable "Multiple profile" for this app" just tap on it.
It will say that app selected for current data profile. Now if you want to use another whatsapp account just select the differet data profile that you have created during step 3, then open whatsapp it will ask you to create a new whatsapp account. In this way you can create as many whatsapp account you want.
I am using 6 whatsapp account for my 6 mobile numbers. The only thing that you will face is you can use any one account a time.