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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Very Easy method to increase RAM on android device

Previously I posted Roehsoft Ram Expander for increasing ram on android device. That method is somewhat complicated, because you have to create a swap partition on sd-card. But this time I posting very easy method to increase Android RAM. Low memory is a very big issue for android users. Follow the below mentioned steps.

Pre-requisite :-

1. Rooted android phone . ( Click here to root your android phone )
2. Swapper for root . Download here
or click here to install direct from playstore it is free
3. SD card. ( Higher the class of sd-card better the performance )
Now just install the swapper for root application on your device and open it.
you will see a check box - "active swap on boot", Tick on it and then configuration can be done.

Select Fat partition or EXT partition wherever you want to swap its your choice. If you have EXT partition on your SD card then you can select that, and if you dont have SD-EXT partition than select SD FAT partition. ( I prefer sd-ext partition because if we swap on sd fat partion then whenever we connect our device with PC as USB mass storage swap will not work and it may damage sd card. so, better you create an ext partion on your sd card. to create sd-ext partition you can use minitool partition wizard. Remember to backup all your data on sd card)

After selecting the partition just mention how much MB space you want to swap and just press save.

Enjoy the speed of your device. Have Fun.!!!

Note :- If this method is not working on your device you can try Roehsoft RAM Expander.