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Monday, 19 September 2011

Cool Trick to Schedule Facebook/Twitter Status Updates

Later Bro is an application using which you can schedule your Facebook and Twitter updates.It has URL shortner which can be used to shorten links in status if your status exceeds permitted word limit .You can also schedule recurring updates.The only limitation is that your status update cannot be more then 140 words although actually facebook supports 420 characters.
Trick to Schedule your Facebook Status and Twitter Tweets:-
  • Open Later Bro application by clicking here.
  • Now select any social network (Facebook/Twitter) in which you want to update status.

  • Let’s choose Facebook for this time so click on it.
  • Login to your account and click Allow button in Permission and Requests popup window.
  • Now select the TimeZone and click on Next button.

  • In the Text Field type your status that you want to update and select Date and Time when you want to update this status.
  • Do check mark on the Facebook box and click on Schedule button.

 Your status will automatically update on scheduled time.